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Dave Munger is a writer living in Davidson, North Carolina. He is editor of ScienceSeeker. Dave co-founded ScienceSeeker, which collects blog posts and news about science, in 2010. The site now has over 1,000 registered blogs and other news sites, and a staff of 7 editors who select the best items from the hundreds posted each day. Over 100,000 items have been collected, all searchable through a public API.

Dave is also an avid runner who has completed four marathons and co-owns a race timing company, Davidson Timing.

Previously, Dave was the co-founder and editor of ResearchBlogging.org, a similar site that collects posts about peer-reviewed research. He has also been a columnist for SeedMagazine.com and written several college writing textbooks.

For five years, Dave and his wife Greta maintained the psychology blog Cognitive Daily, which was chosen three times to appear in the Open Laboratory, an annual anthology of the top science blog posts on the web. It has appeared on numerous top ten lists including ranking seventh on Nature’s 50 popular science blogs list. The site has had over 2.5 million visits.

For more about Dave, you can follow him on Twitter or Facebook read his personal blog, or his running blog.

Email Dave at dsmunger@gmail.com

11 Responses to Dave Munger’s Biography

  1. A friend just referred me to Cognitive Daily–which I’m hooked on–and I’ll
    now explore your other blog. At 69,I’m nearly a year into retirement after a quite
    varied work life. I’m working on 2 books of cartoons–one on nonprofit organizations
    and the other on church choirs. (My first cartoon book, Specks, was published in
    1968.) My next concurrent self-assignment is to get my website active and current.
    You’re inspiring.

  2. Jennifer Keech says:

    I checked out the Davidson College website this afternoon and noticed an article about blogs. Since I am interested in starting one, but know next to nothing about it, I read your article with interest, then clicked onto your weblog link. Great job! I like the colors and the different subjects, scrolling down the page like a magazine. I am inspired by your hard work. Thanks!

    Jennifer Kerns Keech
    Davidson College, Class of 1995

  3. Laura Camus says:

    Hey Dave, I’d like to read your memoir when someone has
    the darn good sense to publish it. Keep us informed. In the
    meantime, I’ll just enjoy perusing Cognitive Daily and count on
    learning something new & interesting. Keep writing!!!! We
    writer’s and (writer wanna be’s)look to you for inspiration.

  4. Abigail Worstell says:

    Are you the same Dave(id) Munger from Cedarville? If so,
    your writing has much improved – not that it was ever
    boring! And if you are not the bloke I speak of, please
    forgive and forget that I even wrote this silly little
    bit part. -Abigail P.S. By the way, your memoir sounds
    interesting, even if I DON’T know you!

  5. dave says:

    Nope, not that Dave Munger. Glad to hear I write better than him, though!

  6. Sarah Meier says:

    Hi Dave :)

    Do you plan on writing a revision of “Researching Online,” or do you feel the first edition is still up-to-date?

    Do you have suggestions for additional resources for learning to do quality research?

    Thanks so much!

  7. dave says:


    Actually there was a pretty recent revision, but now it’s called “What every student needs to know about Researching Online”

    You normally can only get it when you buy another textbook, but I see Amazon has used copies:

    Amazon link.

  8. Freiddie says:

    I can’t believe this is actually Dave’s blog… normally, I’d expect a very serious ‘CogStyle” tone, until I found this other blog of yours – Word Munger. I like it.

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