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For a year, I wrote a monthly column on 3 Quarks Daily. The column attempted to understand contemporary political issues from the perspective of my stepbrother, a disabled artist who struggles to live on a $600 monthly Social Security check. Here are links to each column:

November 22, 2010: Portrait of an artist as a middle-aged man
December 20, 2010: Selling a disability
January 17, 2011: Where it hurts
February 14, 2011: Necessary luxury
April 11, 2011: Inflation for you, but not for me
May 9, 2011: Are marathons worth it?
June 6, 2011: Emergency Management
August 1, 2011: The Value of a Dollar
September 26, 2011: A Year of Writing about Poverty

3 Responses to Dave on 3 Quarks Daily

  1. david says:

    Hi i really liked your comment about is opera dying, My name is David, some american friends of mine call me dave, and I am trying to become an Operasinger. The question if in 20, 10 or even 5 years anyone will listen to opera is a question that i am questioning myself for a long time alreaddy. this is the question that put me on your website because i typed it in in google. If everything goes well in 20 years I will be on the piek of my singingcarreer. I say if everything goes well because untill now a lot of things went wrong. As a child I was verry close to nature religion and music. My father is german and as a child we often went to vienna where I saw some operas on the big screen that they put at summertime at the townhall of vienna. When I was 12 years old, opera became my passion. My parents didn t push me into it, they just thaught to have a great evening in vienna and braught me to the townhall where I saw an italian opera. . I believe i can still remember that it was La Forza del destino . Well actually I started to play The piano when I was 6 years old and I had to play some flute but I didn t like both of them. but singing… I still remember that my musicteacher once sang a song in italian or spanish and that really gave me an amasing fealing. I was verry attentive to my fealings as a child and peolpe said that I had and still have a big intuitive capacity. I had a wonderfull childhood because my parents wanted to give me what they had missed in theirs. They both come from poor unsetteled families. My father comes from a farm. My grandfather who was austrian left them when he was 3 years old and my father had polio when he was 6. his biggest dream was to become a pianist but his mother, who died when he was 23 years old and a student in cologne, had little money so she only payed pianolessons to his 2 years older brother who was much sicker with polio than my father, they thaught that he would die of it he was 8, he survived but never made any effort to learn the piano. Both become good loyers. My mother is from the carribbeans and her father was a very goodlooking man so he had many women. He was married 3 times. My grandmother was never married to him and she left to paris with my mother when she was 8 . She married a frenchman who worked at phillips. They had little money so they couldn t pay any musiclessons to my mother. Nowadays she learned to play the piano as an adult and that is really difficult, much more difficult than to learn an instrument in early childhood, and when her musicteacher died, she was juish and was not allowed to play during WWII , when she died my mother who was really close to here didn t want to have any other pianoteacher so she learned and is still learning to play the cello. My parents are both very talented for arts, my father has a beautiful baryton voice but he never learned how to sing, there are times where we are listening to music in his car mostly Wagner and we are both singing, I am singing with my studied technich and he is singing with his natural voice. this is a wonderfull time to spend with my father. The last two years of school I spent on an artschool and I sang my first Opera when I was 18 years old. It was the Opera l’Orfeo by C. Monteverdi and I sang the role of Plutone the God of the underworld. Than I studied with an american teacher who had studied at the julliardschool New York and after that I studied in Germany. Opera still is a passion of mine but I am also listening to other music like metall and groups like linking park. I also like to sing songs by Elvis Presley Jhonny Cash and Sinatra. I did some auditions for the choir but they all said that my voice is to big to sing in a choir. I almost studied with Thomas Quasthoff who just resently stoped to sing in public because of his handycapt body. My singing professor is a very good teacher and I like to get her advice and I enjoy the lessons but she is a woman and untill now I almost just had female teachers. I had two singingteachers who where male one tenor who I didn t like and a bass baryton teacher where I quite enjoyed the singinglessons. he thaught that I was very good but my technique and voice changed and became much better since I studyed in Germany with the person who still is my singingteacher. I have an audition soon to get started in operahouses in the western part of Germany. Than I hope to get started as a solist.
    because of an uncurable ilness that I have, i have been out of the musicworld for a long time and there where times where I lost time and felt like a loosing artist but like Sinatra said thats life that s what people say your riding high in april shout down in may but I gonna change their tune when I am riding high in june. I hope that my life will have a lot of Junes. What I especially hope for the future is that people from all ages all rases and nations will listen to opera and classical music because such richdome of culture can not be doomed to get lost. especially nowadys where everything is about computers and where we are distroying our planet we need nature and music. We need also to have faith in God even if for most people me included it is not a religios one. i believe that the world like we know it will stop and a completely new one will start. I believe that the spirituality that we are getting will be the basis of a new civilisation. Thank you for letting me share some words, David

  2. show says:

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