Lego replica of the Campanile in Florence!

It’s been a while since Nora and I made a large-scale Lego creation. But a week or so back someone on Twitter complimented Nora’s Parthenon — most definitely an awesome achievement. Here’s the movie we made of it way back then:

We’ve made some other Lego structures over the years:

Working Lego train

Replica of the San Xavier mission in Arizona

But a constant problem was the lack of sufficient Legos in the desired color, resulting in the “impressionistic” effect you see in the above examples. In 2003 we bought enough black Legos to make an accurate Sears Tower:

But still, this structure lacks pizazz. So when Nora suggested, for old times’ sake, we build a new structure over Thanksgiving weekend, we spent some time seeking a subject that would be impressively large and visually interesting, but could be reproduced in a way that at least evoked the color palate of the original. We settled on the Campanile next to Florence’s massive Duomo. Here’s a shot I took of the Campanile from the top of the Duomo two summers ago when we were there:

And here’s the structure we constructed:

(click for larger version)

Not bad, eh? For comparison, Nora insisted we take a photo of me next to this structure duplicating the shot of me and the Eiffel Tower we built about 5 years ago.

They’re of comparable size, but this one has a (relatively) regular color pattern and is a much more complicated structure using many more bricks.

Here’s Nora giving you a guided tour of the structure:

Finally, a couple of shots from different angles:

Hopefully it won’t be another five years before we build our next Lego creation.

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2 Responses to Lego replica of the Campanile in Florence!

  1. Freiddie says:

    Neat. Did you make this recently?

  2. dave says:

    Yep. Made it the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and it’s still sitting in our bonus room.

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