“McCain Alley”

The title of this post is what I call the section of town I must pass through to get to the trails I run on every Tuesday and Thursday. It actually starts with my neighbor’s house, and continues down the main road about halfway into town. Here’s one of the signposts labeling this corridor:

McCain sign

There’s exactly one house along this route that challenges the labeling. It happens to be the place where a good friend lives. So today I was discouraged when I saw this:

Obama sign

This, apparently, was the second time her sign had been vandalized. After my run today I went home to get a camera, and she pulled up in her driveway, looking absolutely furious.

“They’ve torn down at least seven signs across the neighborhood,” she said. She had a camera with her, and she showed me the pictures.

Our neighborhood is a little less affluent, and more closely tied to Davidson College than “McCain Alley,” so the ratio of Obama to McCain signs is quite a bit higher. Now most of the Obama signs have been removed or vandalized. Here’s another one:

Obama sign

The vandals weren’t random in their attacks. From my quick survey of a few blocks, McCain signs and some white Obama signs were spared:

More signs

Now, I have heard of kids vandalizing McCain signs in our town as well, but I haven’t seen any as badly damaged as these Obama signs. Maybe the lesson is this: The idiots who support McCain are more persistent than the idiots who support Obama.

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  1. Pete says:

    Yeah, somebody stole the Obama sign out of my yard. (Definitely stolen – the frame was still there, and the two signs for local candidates were left untouched.) I was tempted to write a withering diatribe on my blog before realizing that the culprits probably couldn’t read anyway.

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