Gas in the Davidson Area

I’m trying to collect information about Davidson-area gas stations. I’ve made a map on Google Maps with the nearby gas stations. Anyone from around here should be able to edit this map and add their own information. Hopefully together we’ll be able to figure out where to find the gas we need!

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Here’s how this works. You need to be logged into your google account, and then when you view the larger map, you can click on any of the placemarkers and then click “edit” on the left. This will allow you to enter a comment indicating whether or not they have gas and how long the wait is. You can also add a new placemarker if I’ve missed any stations.

Update 9/25: I just want to say how pleased I am that this actually worked. There have been almost 300 views of the map, and many readers have updated the status of the gas stations, hopefully saving many people countless hours of anguish and worry. The crisis clearly isn’t over, so keep those updates coming!

Also, I changed the color of the icons to green if gas has been reported at a station in the last 24 hours, and yellow in the last 3 days, so you can see at a glance where gas has been reported.

Update 9/26: Here’s a map covering the whole Charlotte area.

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  1. debbie ohara says:

    There is a new gas station on the corner of Fairview and 21…I guess that would be Mooresville. It is near Lake Norman Regional Hospital. They have had regular gas any time I have been there. I was there today(10/1) I can’t figure out how to add a marker,though, on the Google Map!

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