Okay, I did Obama; I guess I should do this

10:14 — Apparently John McCain prefers Hilton hotels.

10:15 — The two pageant queens are happy to see him.

10:16 — He’s in front of a green screen: Watch out, Colbert fans are going to have fun with this one!

10:17 — First September 11 mention! Just two minutes in!

10:18 — The crowd is chanting “USA” — Not “McCain.”

10:18 — SEVEN Children!

10:19 — The crowd in Times Square seems less enthusiastic than last week

10:19 — Roberta McCain looks young enough to be married to John

10:20 — The good folks watching in Costa Mesa, CA look rather bored.

10:23 — McCain will “get this country back on the road to prosperity and peace.” Hmmmm… was something wrong before? I thought Republicans were in charge…

10:26 — Of Palin, McCain says “She’s worked with her hands and nose.” Honest, that’s what he said.

10:28 — “Change is coming.” Okay, let’s hear about it.

10:30 — Now he’s in front of a blue screen. That’ll work. Someone needs to make this guy less boring.

10:31 — “I fought drug companies” — no applause. Too many delegates have stock in drug companies.

10:33 — McCain fights for a man who raises money to fight disease. That sounds to me like a community organizer.

10:36 — The crowd in Times Square looks unbelievably bored.

10:37 — Even the crowd in St. Paul looks rather uninspired.

10:37 — “A culture of life” barely stirs the crowd.

10:38 — “Don’t legislate from the bench.” They seem happier about that.

10:39 — Apparently under Obama’s plan “A bureaucrat stands between you and your doctor.” Sounds like my current (privatized) health care plan.

10:41 — McCain has stuttered about 10 times in this speech. That’s about 10 times more than Palin did.

10:42 — Palin’s daughter is bored out of her mind. And there’s no Trig in sight to hold and spit-smooth his hair.

10:44 — School choice. Republicans like it!

10:45 — Republicans like drilling! They especially like drilling babies! They think coal is clean. And this time, McCain will support wind power, unlike the eight times he’s voted against it.

10:47 — My God, this is boring.

10:51 — McCain wants peace. Republicans are mildly enthusiastic.

10:53 — McCain will be bipartisan. Republicans don’t care, until he claims that Obama won’t be bipartisan.

10:56 — McCain tells how he was captured in Vietnam. A touching story, actually.

10:59 — This story is clearly well-rehearsed. The republicans are in tears.

11:02 — “Nothing brings better happiness in life than to serve a cause greater than yourself.” True enough. But what cause is truly worthwhile? More tax cuts for the rich?

11:04 — Country music is Republican. Except the Dixie Chicks, that is.

11:06 — Cindy and Tood seem really awkward standing there by themselves while Sarah and John pose for photo ops.

11:07 — Lots and lots of red white and blue balloons! Obama didn’t have balloons, therefore he must not be patriotic!

11:08 — Now they’re playing “Barracuda” for Sarah. Is Heart Republican?

Okay, I think that’s enough. Hoo, that was boring….

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2 Responses to Okay, I did Obama; I guess I should do this

  1. Freiddie says:

    Hmmm… So what’s the verdict?

  2. Dave Munger says:

    I’d say Steve Benen got it about right.

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