You can do whatever you want, PZ, but this is stupid

I like PZ Myers, and I enjoy reading his blog Pharyngula. I think the whole Expelled fiasco was hilarious, and, like Jake Young, I think PZ is basically right to object to Matt Nisbet and Chris Mooney’s characterization of the episode as a win for the creationists.

But this is just stupid. Only a tiny portion of religious folk actually believe anything resembling it, so why alienate them with crap like this?

Evolutionists argue all the time that creationists don’t understand the science. When evolutionists do the same thing, shouldn’t creationists rightly get upset about it?

Of course, PZ can put whatever he wants on his blog, but I don’t think posting cartoons like this is going to do anything for the cause of science — or atheism, for that matter.

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