Happy Blogiversary, Word Munger

Wow. I’ve kept this blog up for four years now. Who’d a thunk it?

It’s been quite a stretch, and some would say the peak years of this blog are behind it. I certainly don’t get the kind of traffic I got a couple years back, but of course, I’m a little sidetracked these days, what with CogDaily and now ResearchBlogging.org.

All this has gotten me thinking. Am I really blogging any less than I did four years ago? This stacked line graph gives you a pretty good idea of my productivity over the past four years:

As you can see, things haven’t actually changed that much. Other than my warm-up year in 2005, year to year, I’m good for right around 500 posts. It’s just that now those posts happen to be distributed over three different blogs.

What will the future hold? For now, I’d say Word Munger will probably continue at about its current rate of roughly 100 posts per year. I’ll probably ramp up the blogging here during the summer vacation season, with ups and downs as I get more or less busy in the other parts of my writing life.

I’d venture a guess that Word Munger is probably in the top 1 percent of blogs in terms of longevity and number of posts. Higher if you count the number of posts written in complete sentences (excepting this one, of course).

But maybe next year I’ll look back at this post and wonder what the hell I was thinking.

For the record, here are links to past Blogiversary posts (there wasn’t one last year):


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