Woohoo! They’re forged!

Instapundit is reveling in the notion that the CBS memos are probably forged.

Woohoo! A few days ago I pointed to the ignorant “typographers” across the Web who were using crude techniques to determine whether or not the documents were forged. Conservative bloggers everywhere are patting themselves smugly on the back, saying heh, and calling to have Kerry and Rather trussed up for a good ol’ Texas barbecue.

But what did the bloggers actually do? They pointed out the obvious: that these documents could have been made in Microsoft Word. Real reporters were the ones who actually checked real sources to track this story down. As it turns out, the most significant evidence came not from a blogger, but from a newspaper report, interviewing a live human being, not Clippy.

So we should all vote for Bush, right?

As I said before, if the Kerry campaign produced these documents, there’s no way I’m voting for Kerry, but the fact that they are probably fakes still doesn’t mean much, despite what Glenn Reynolds wants you to think. What matters to me is not so much what Bush did to get out of Vietnam, but what he did to get us in to Iraq, and what he’s not doing to get us out.

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