Good Munger news

I know, I haven’t been posting much lately. The problem is, I’ve been exceptionally busy. But for the most part, busy is good. Today I’m going to give you just a snapshot of the good stuff.

  • The weekend before Thanksgiving, there were THREE Munger concerts involving all the Mungers except me. (Well, I was involved, too, but as an audience member only)
  • The weekend got started with Jim’s public debut as a bass player, with the Cannon Jazz Orchestra, at the Concord Christmas Tree Lighting. We didn’t get to see the lighting because we needed to zip off to the next event.
  • The next event was a Davidson College Symphony Orchestra (DCSO) concert, featuring two Mungers, neither of whom is a college student. Greta played exceptionally well on oboe, but 14-year-old Nora stole the show with an amazing performance on bassoon. The most dramatic moment was a very speedy bassoon trio that was so spectacular that the conductor gave the bassoon section the first bow in a standing-ovation performance.
  • Then on the next day, the DCSO played side-by-side with the professional Charlotte symphony. Both Greta and Nora played, but Greta stole the show with an astonishing, totally exposed solo to start off Samson & Delilah’s Baccanale. Another standing ovation!
  • On Thanksgiving, our great friends Pat and Suzanne came down from DC to join us for the long weekend. We had a wonderful dinner with them and friends Tara Chamra (the DCSO director) and Tony Chamra. Then on Sunday we all modeled our leather jackets (three of them purchased in Italy from genuine Florentine artisans):
  • Then last week we got to see both Jim and Nora in concert with the Cannon Band and orchestra. It was difficult to get a decent photo, but I think you can see the top of Nora’s bassoon in this picture near the orchestra director’s right hand:
  • Finally on Friday we attended the Cannon Jazz Orchestra’s second concert, featuring Jim on both trombone and bass. An awesome job, Jim!

Several other blog-worthy things have occurred recently, but I’ve just finished a run (preparing for the half-marathon in just SIX days), and in a few minutes I need to go pick up the family from church, so that’s going to be it for now. Busy, busy (but not too busy, I think).

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  1. Dave Munger says:

    Thanks, Kumar. This is the first time I’ve had contact with someone from the Munger district in India. That’s a much more important “Munger” than me!

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