First Santa Claus, now this

From the Slashdot thread about the demise of calling time — this comment:

I was just thinking about this the other day for some reason!

One memory I have from youth is taking my oh-so-new-and-cool digital watch and carefully synchronizing it exactly to the beep when I called time. :)

Of course, later I synced my watch one day to the atomic clock, and then for some reason decided to check it against 853-1212. Imagine my geek outrage when freakin’ Time was FORTY SECONDS OFF. I felt like an idiot for carefully syncing my watch all that time.

*sigh* another naive belief of youth falls. (“I mean, it’s the phone company, of course they’d carefully ensure that 853-1212 has the exact time to the millisecond!”)

I used to do the exact same thing with my digital watch (thought I don’t think that was the number in Seattle), except for the atomic clock part. My disillusionment had to wait until now.

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One Response to First Santa Claus, now this

  1. Anne says:

    I totally relate to this–the geekiness and the naivete (perhaps that’s redundant? there’s something trusting in a certain kind of geek)–I found the story about calling time’s demise very sad indeed.

    But then, with the start of school, we’re all a little sentimental. I actually have a child in pre-K–in a building with real, large children, small people who can read. Sigh.–Anne

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