Blogging on peer-reviewed research

Over on CogDaily, I’ve been pushing a new initiative to highlight when bloggers are making serious posts about peer-reviewed research, as opposed to news, press releases, and their favorite online surveys. But I realized that I reach much of the litblogging community over here, including some pretty serious academic bloggers. Perhaps litbloggers would also be interested in helping to spread the word about our little project, which is now beginning to take shape over at

Here’s the thumbnail summary of the project, from BPR3’s about page:

BPR3 came about because several academic bloggers in different fields saw the need to distinguish their “serious” writing from news, politics, family, bagpipes, and so on.

Sister Edith Bogue, Dave Munger, Mike Dunford, and John Wilkins got together with the idea of doing something about it.

But we need your help. We’d like to design an icon that academic bloggers can use to mark posts where they discuss and cite peer-reviewed research. It’s a trickier problem than you might think: just defining “peer review” itself is hard to do.

Coming up with an icon that fairly represents many different fields is also a challenge. Dave’s blog, Cognitive Daily, already uses such an icon to discuss psychology research reports, but the icon is customized to his needs and his site’s design. In the coming weeks, we’ll be working with academic bloggers from many different disciplines to build an icon that will work for everyone.

Down the road, we’d like to use to aggregate all the posts discussing peer-reviewed research from across the disciplines. Stay tuned!

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