Panoramas across Europe

While I was in Europe, I didn’t have access to my panorama software, so I didn’t get a chance to show you the panoramic photos I took. Here are the ones that turned out all right (click on the image for a larger version — if you’re using Firefox, you’ll probably need to click on the photo again to see it truly full size):

The Eiffel tower

The Louvre (yes, that’s Greta and Jim in front. And look for the pigeon in flight!)

The spiral staircase at the Vatican Museum (look for Greta, Jim, and Nora in this one)

The towers of San Gimignano (some Photoshopping required — can you spot it?)

The view of Athens and Nora’s head from the Acropolis

Click here for an even bigger version — highly recommended if you’ve got the bandwidth.

The Parthenon (again, a little Photoshopping required — can you spot?)

Meteora (can you spot both monasteries in this picture?)

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