The Mungers go to Florence!

Here we are! We finally made it to Florence, capital of Tuscany and center of art and culture for all of Western civilization! This is us at the top of the world-reknowned Duomo of Florence:

We could even see the Duomo from the window of our hotel room! Isn’t that Great!!!?!!

And the view looking the other direction was just as spectacular!

This morning we got up early and climbed the 463 steps to the top of the Duomo. We could even see our room from up there!

(In case you can’t spot it, the yellow arrow gives you a little hint. Too bad we all climbed up the Duomo, or one of us could have been waving out the window!)

They were doing some restoration work on the Duomo while we were there. Just look at this “typical” Italian worker doing his job above the spectacular Florentine rooftops!

They also have some wonderful sites down at ground level in Florence. Nora particularly admired this door to the Baptistry of the Duomo:

It might seem a little excessive to have a whole separate building just for baptisms, but I guess that’s what being the center of the world’s cultural values requires. Wouldn’t that door look fabulous on the front of our home back in Davidson?

Well, that’s all from Sunny Florence, or “Firenze,” as the locals call it. Hope to see you soon!

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