In Tuscany

We’ve been in Tuscany four days now and still I haven’t said more than a few words about the place. We’re definitely out in the country. It’s an amazing feeling to slow down so much after having spent two weeks in full-speed tourist mode. This photo might give you a sense of how isolated we are here: here are the nearest active neighbors.

There’s an olive grove immediately below us, and then, about 3 miles away, in the distance you can see a small cluster of houses and the restaurant Il Cacciatore, still another mile or two away from the nearest town, Seggiano.

It’s an almost idyllic life. Most of our days are spent lounging around, reading books, conversing over a glass of wine, and cooking elaborate meals. Here’s our dining table, temporarily converted into a workspace for tonight’s hand-made pasta:

There’s a great pool, with warm water even this early in the season. Sometimes it can be difficult to convince our lazy kids to get in the water, but whenever they do, they have a great time:

In the background of this shot, you see one of the few flaws about our place: There are high-tension power lines crossing quite near the property. Depending on your attitude, you might say they spoil our view. But I feel like they’re not much of a problem, and probably mean we got a better deal on rent than we would have otherwise.

The town of Seggiano is absolutely adorable, built on top of a hill in classic Tuscan form. Here are my dad and his wife enjoying a stop on the way into town for groceries.

As you approach the town, you can see that it forms a nearly perfect silhouette against the sky.

I’m still getting used to the Italian language. The last time I went to Italy, I reviewed the language for a couple months before I left, but this time I was overconfident. The result is that I’m not doing very well when I need to order a meal or ask for directions. Eventually I usually get what I need, but earlier this morning I was trying to find a cheese shop in nearby Abbadia San Salvatore and either couldn’t get my point across, or couldn’t understand the directions I was given. So tonight we’ll have to settle for grocery store cheese — still probably better than most chees you can find in the U.S.

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  1. Anne says:

    This looks like SUCH a great vacation, Dave!!! Wow.

    I’m doing a month of kamikaze teaching–9-12 m, t, w, th. It’s made posting, reading, writing, bathing, everything difficult. The teaching is fun but it takes a toll… So it’s like a vacation to come here and read this–and Jim & Nora look amazingly terrific. It makes me look forward to those years–so distant from me now!



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