The post with no theme

I was trying to come up with a theme for our recent Roman ramblings, but had no luck. So here are a few nice pictures we took in Rome, with some commentary.

The whole family tried to take pictures of this stunning bronze sculpture of Marcus Aurelius astride his horse, but Nora took the best one. And not just because I’m in the picture and I don’t look fat.

The day we visited the Colosseum, they had closed the nearby Vie Dei Fori Imperiali to traffic. This is the shot you usually see at night, with the trails of the cars’ lights artfully blurred across the scene. I thought it was interesting to see the street completely devoid of cars.

Isn’t St. Peter’s delightfully gaudy?

Jim wanted to climb up to the top of the dome, so we obliged him. It was cool when the staircase started getting slanty.

The view from the top: also delightfully gaudy.

Behind the scenes at the Vatican.

DAVE: It’s the Papal Sprinklers!

JIM: Do they use holy water? (Rimshot)

Sundials don’t do Daylight Saving Time.

Jim and Nora mug in front of the dopest pope, Innocent X.

Nora takes one last self-portrait before we leave Rome’s stunning skyline for points south.

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  1. Pat says:

    I like the stairs shot. With the wall bricks aligned vertically instead of horizontally, you get an Escher effect–is Jim standing upright, or horizontally? And the light fixture doesn’t give much of a clue. cool.

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