Jim and Nora have both become obsessed with taking self-portraits on this trip.

They’ve done some really creative work in this genre. Here are some of their best.

Jim at Notre Dame:

Nora at the zero mile marker for France (in front of Notre Dame):

Jim under the Pyramide at the Louvre:

Jim and Nora in a rare portrait/self-portrait at the Louvre:

Nora at the Arch of Septimus Severus in the Roman Forum:

Nora at St. Peter’s in the Vatican:

Finally, two excellent self-portraits at the Pantheon.



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2 Responses to Self-Portraits

  1. Pat says:

    nice portraits. was going to ask if these are trial and error, or if the LCD’s flip around so that the shot alignment can be seen before shooting. Looks like it is trial and error (or made self-portrait skeelz).

    The last one is my favorite. Does this make Nora enlightened, of a bright mind, trying on halos for fit, or just a little lightheaded?

  2. That self portrait taken at the Louvre looks odd. That’s Jim in an upside down mirror image? Wow! Interesting!!! It’s just kind of weird including your faces in those beautiful sceneries. For me, these aren’t just self portraits because they also include pictures of places. Overall, your pictures are amazing. They’re truly one-of-a-kind.

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