My current weight

We leave for Europe in about 4 hours. Currently I weigh 217 pounds — 7 more than when I ran the half marathon last December. I’ll post my weight again when I get back.

If I can return from Europe weighing the same as I do now, that will be a major victory.

If you’re skeptical about whether I can do it, I’ve actually managed just that every time I’ve been to Europe. I think even though the food is absolutely wonderful, it’s just different enough to not qualify as “comfort food.” The only part of the trip that really worries me is Tuscany, when we’ll be cooking for ourselves. Pasta and prosciutto and olive oil and pecorino! Dio mio!

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  1. Marcio Botelho says:

    A person’s weight is usually a touchy subject, but since you brought it up, here’s my take: you are 6 ft 3 in, are you not? That means you are within the stringent guidelines of the United States Marine Corps, one of the hardest-charging groups in the world! You can check how the rest of the fam measure up by going to

    Buon Appetito!

  2. Dave says:

    I’m actually 6 ft 2 in, so maybe I don’t quite make it… couldn’t get that page to load from France, so I don’t know.

  3. Marcio Botelho says:

    Well, in that case you and I are the same height, which means you are only 3 lbs over. But we’re talking about one of the elite fighting units in the world, AND there are many Marines who exceed the oficial limit. At that point, there is the misterious business of BMI (voodoo if you ask me). But why am I bothering you with these details? There’s baguettes with frommage and compotes waiting for you, croissants, souffle, vol-au-vent…

  4. Dave says:

    I actually find it rather interesting that I’m above the limit. I think you could be my size and be in very good shape. I’m not, but *someone* could be. I’ve probably got the proper endurance, just not the upper body strength. Oh well. It’s not like I was planning on enlisting anytime soon….

  5. Anne says:

    I must say, you’re looking good in Tuscany…I bet you’ve lost…

    Now, if only I could….that pesky 15K is in less than 2 weeks!!!

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