How authoritative am I? 1000!

Cognitive Daily has reached a Technorati authority rating of 1,000. See?

Of course, the “authority” rating is just the number of blogs linking your blog in the past six months. I guess the folks at Technorati thought “authority” was easily grokkable by the general public, but somehow it doesn’t seem like quite the right term to describe the concept.

For one thing, if you’re completely unclear on what the concept is, then you have no idea what a good authority rating is either. Maybe 10 is very authoritative, maybe 10,000 is. Arguably it depends on the type of blog we’re talking about — but again, newbies aren’t going to understand that either.

Maybe the point is that “authority” at least gives some gist of what the number represents, and users can intuit even just 4 or 5 different authority ratings which blog is more authoratitive. Still, I’d submit that most newbies doing a Technorati search aren’t going to get it. For example, if you do a search for “change blindness,” the authority of the results ranges from 0 to 6. You have no idea that CogDaily even exists, let alone that it has an authority of 1,000 and many articles on change blindness.

And didn’t Technorati used to have a feature where you could return only blogs with a certain authority level in your search results? What’s up with that?

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