Europe: The preparations

In less than two weeks, the entire Munger family will board a jet for Paris and a seven-week Europe adventure.

This will be the longest vacation I’ve ever taken, and certainly the most ambitious travel I’ve ever done with kids in tow. Last summer we tested the waters of “international” travel with a trip to Puerto Rico, but this summer’s trip is more ambitious in length, number of countries, and our familiarity with the language and cultures of the places we’re visiting.

We start off easy, in Paris, Rome, and Tuscany, but the end of the trip will include countries with languages and even alphabets we don’t understand at all.

We’re also planning on traveling ultralight, with only a carry-on bag for each of us. The ultralight plan will be even more difficult for me because I’m going to be toting my computer, camera, a phone, and all the wires to hook these gadgets together.

I worry even about carrying too many travel guides! I might have to sacrifice a third pair of pants so I’ll be able to figure out where we’re going.

I also worry about my blogs, especially Cognitive Daily, because I don’t want to lose its recent surge in popularity. We’ve actually hired a blogsitter, a student who’ll be keeping watch over our blog (and our house) for the duration of the trip. We’ve got two posts scheduled for each week we’re gone (written by Greta’s students and painstakingly edited by both of us). Our blogsitter will be posting once or twice a week as well, for about half the usual amount of blogging activity. We’ll try to post every so often from the road when we visit psych-relevant landmarks.

The real action will be here at Word Munger, where I’ll try to post about our travels several times a week. There’ll be lots of photos, and hopefully also some interesting observations about what we see and do. Should be a lot of fun. Hope to see you (virtually) there.


June 1: Charlotte–Philadelphia; Philadelphia–Paris-CDG

2-Jun — 9-Jun: Paris, in an apartment on the left bank

June 9: Paris Orly–Rome Ciampino

9-Jun — 14 Jun: Rome, in an apartment near Piazza Navona

June 14-16: rent a car, quick driving tour of Italy including Pompeii and perhaps Ravenna

16-Jun–7-Jul: A villa in Tuscany on Mount Amiata, near Montalcino and Montepulciano

7 Jul–8-Jul: wander back to Rome

July 8: Rome Fiumicino — Prague

8-Jul–13-Jul: Prague, in a pension near the center of town

July 13: Prague–Vienna, on the train

13 Jul — 15 Jul: Vienna, in Pension Nossek

15-July: Vienna — Athens: a midnight flight, arriving Athens 2:30 a.m.

15-Jul — 18-Jul: Athens, a hotel in the center of town

18-JUL — 20 -JUL: Visit the monasteries of Meteora

20-Jul: Delphi, after an 8-hour train/bus ride

21-Jul Back in Athens

22-Jul Athens — Philadelphia
Philadelphia — Charlotte

Arrive home around 8:30 p.m.

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3 Responses to Europe: The preparations

  1. Marcio Botelho says:

    Dave, I’m excited for all of you – should be great fun! It’s redundant to say “quick drive” for any automobilistic activity in Italy. And honestly, you don’t need 3 trousers on this trip. While in Rome, I expect you’ll visit the Vatican, smallest country in the world, and, inch for square inch, the most powerful. After soaking in all the opulence there, maybe you can help me understand how they reconcile their vast holdings with Jesus’ advice to the rich man (“give all you own to the poor and follow me”). Happy Travels!

  2. dave says:

    I think I’ll be able to pack three — since actually only two will ever be in my luggage — I’ll be wearing the third pair. There are times when we’ll need to dress up a bit (nice restaurants, and perhaps even a visit to the symphony or opera).

  3. Anne says:

    Bon Voyage!! Sounds wonderful.

    We took the family on the Staten Island Ferry yesterday. That felt like a haul. I look forward to the day when I might be able to plan such a journey!!!


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