I’m sitting in a Panera (waiting for Nora and her friends to finish up at the mall), and the place is literally crawling with babies and toddlers, up to about age 5 (I imagine anything older is across the street at the mall).

Since clearly children younger than age 5 have no tolerance for food you can chew, a couple families have brought in food from the nearby fast-food establishments.

You know, you can smell McDonald’s food from two zip codes away. Despite the hip furnishings and new-age jazz soundtrack, I feel like I’m about to be accosted Ronald McDonald, all because of that smell. It’s the smell of deep-fried food; it’s the reason all McDonald’s food tastes the same. There’s just no escaping that odor. It even happens at Starbucks (usually when the high-school-age staff is on its lunch break).

I don’t know why drug smugglers pack their shipments in coffee — if you want to mask any odor, you should be packing it in McDonald’s French fries.

The McOdor must be part of the McMarketing strategy. Despite just having finished a $9 sandwich and cup of coffee, I find myself craving McFries. And maybe a couple Chicken McNuggets.

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  1. Hugh says:

    It IS in fact part of the McMarketing strategy…at least over at their competitor Burger King. BK makes it a point to pump the smell of their flame broiled, liquid-smoked fare outside of their building and into the collective space of all passers-by in the hope of luring people in.

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