CogDaily: Making the A-list?

Cognitive Daily’s stats have exploded the past few months. Links from BoingBoing and Andrew Sullivan have helped, as well as several Diggs. Check it out:

Is this sustainable? We’re now averaging nearly 5,000 visits a day. In less than a month, we get more visits than Word Munger has achieved in its entire history.

Our Technorati ranking has increased too, though not as dramatically. Unfortunately I don’t have historical stats, but we were at about 5,000 a couple months back; now we’re in the mid 2,000s, with about 775 blogs linking to Cognitive Daily.

Compare that to Word Munger’s humble 66,000 ranking, and it seems pretty good. But can there really be 2,000 A-list blogs? 200 seems more like it, so we’ve still got a ways to go.

It’s also possible that our recent success is a flash in the pan, and our stats will soon return to mortal levels. I suppose I better enjoy the ride while I can!

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