Days of Rambo, nights of Rocky

The time has come, once again, for the Munger women to abandon the Munger men. Each year on Greta’s spring break, she takes one child with her to visit family in Pullman, Washington. During years when the guys are batchin’ it in Davidson, we like to do crazy things.

This year is no exception: Over the course of the next four days, Jim and I are going to watch, and review, every Rocky and Rambo movie. To prepare ourselves for this mission, this morning we went for a 30-minute run, and then headed over to IHOP for a high-protein breakfast:

That’s right, there are three different meats on that plate: sausage, bacon, and ham! Jim had country-fried steak and gravy and eggs, with a side of three pancakes.

Next we went to Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy manly sportswear for Jim. If only Rambo had had Under Armour, we probably would have won the Vietnam war!

Finally, we headed to Harris Teeter to purchase manly meat for consumption pre, post, and during our movie fest. Only the finest burgers and brats will do (and one day we’re planning to go out for Philly cheesesteaks). We also bought 2 pounds of bacon and a dozen eggs. Good thing heart disease doesn’t run in our family… yet!

As per the plan developed here at Word Munger, we’ve purchased the entire Rocky and Rambo series online, to be eBayed after the Stallone fest is complete. Here’s Jim modeling the two unopened boxes:

Note that our edition of First Blood includes an alternate suicide ending. However, if you watch that ending, the sequels are automatically erased, so use with care!

Here’s our tentative viewing schedule:

Today: Rocky I and II
Tomorrow: Rocky III
Friday: Rocky IV and V
Saturday afternoon: First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II
Saturday night: Rocky Balboa (in an actual movie theater — assuming we can find one. It’s playing in Statesville tonight, but we want to watch the movies in order!)
Sunday afternoon: Rambo III

It’s an ambitious schedule, and we may not be able to see Rocky Balboa at all, but we’ll give it our best shot. Movie reviews will be posted as soon as possible after viewing — ideally within 30 minutes. My reviews will appear here, and Jim’s will be on his blog, which he promises to have cleared of spam by showtime.

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