How to stage a movie festival

As regular readers of Word Munger know, every two years Jim and I do some sort of silly marathon. Four years ago (pre- Morgan Spurlock), it was MickeyDay. Two years ago it was Vidsanity. This year, we’ll be mounting a Sylvester Stallone film festival, where each of us will log live reviews of each film. We’d like to watch at least 9 movies, possibly more: the entire Rocky series, plus the Rambo trilogy.

But how best to acquire the films? Netflix now allows just four rentals at a time – though obviously we could open multiple accounts – and Blockbuster isn’t likely to have all the movies in stock.

Amazingly, we can actually purchase both series, brand-new, for about what it would cost to rent them — roughly $60, total. If we eBay them afterwards, we’ll certainly do better than we would renting the movies. Fascinating, isn’t it — it’s now cheaper to own movies, albeit temporarily, than to rent them.

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  1. Pat says:

    Or you could purchase them used on eBay, and then sell them there, and be out only postage (assuming that a severe SS devaluation does not occur while you hold such assets). So many films to choose from. Did you consider any other SS titles (Tango and Cash, Judge Dredd, etc.)

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