Not stuck in the Denver airport

It could be worse, I suppose. I could be stuck in the Denver airport. Small consolation. It reminds me of the time I was hit by a car and was stuck in a hospital bed for 8 weeks. People kept telling me how “lucky” I was that I didn’t die in the accident. You try lying on your back with your leg in a sling eating crappy food for 2 months and tell me how “lucky” that feels.

But like I said, it could be worse. We’re supposed to be driving to the airport right now, getting ready for a fabulous ski vacation in Vancouver, BC. We would be, except our flight is routed through Denver, and the Denver airport is closed all day today because of an enormous blizzard. Whistler has gotten a record amount of snow this year, and we’re stuck in Charlotte because of snow in Denver. Don’t they have snow plows in Denver? Don’t they, you know, expect to be dealing with snow every now and then?

I’ve been on hold with the airline for at least the last 30 minutes. Maybe I can get a standby flight through Chicago. It’s not likely this time of year, but it could happen. We’re tentatively scheduled to fly through Vegas on Friday night, arriving in Vancouver 44 hours later than scheduled, on Saturday morning. At least it probably won’t snow in Vegas. We’ll miss out on two full days of skiing. And I’m going to have to reschedule hotels, ski lessons, rental cars, the whole shebang.

But it could be worse, I suppose. At least I’m not stuck in Denver.

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