No tax cut for me!

This post completes the series inspired by the conservative poll I took the other day.

The “poll” asked if I’d like my taxes to stay the same, or if possible be reduced, and my answer was no. Actually, I wouldn’t mind having my taxes cut, but only if the result of the tax cut was cutting the federal programs of my choice.

Given the kneejerk liberal tone of my last couple of posts, you might be surprised to find that number one on my list is Social Security. That’s right, I want the retirement age to be raised substantially, to at least 70, if not higher. Obviously this would have to be done slowly, since many people include Social Security in their retirement plans. Unfortunately, it can’t be done as slowly as many prospective retirees might hope, because the system is in dire need of repair.

For low-income Americans, the Social Security tax is the largest single tax they pay. What does it go for? It pays for the luxury retirement of the wealthiest segment of Americans, the elderly. Ridiculous. Social Security should be a safety net for those unable to work, not a supplement for greens fees.

Next I would cut our pork-based system of military expenditures. We don’t need a navy base in Chicago, or to defend Germany from the communists, or to build a space-defense system to save us from the U.S.S.R. Streamlining the military could save big bucks, without decreasing the number of available troops.

Finally, I’d trim prison expenses by getting rid of three-strikes-you’re-out laws. Why not let the judicial system recommend appropriate punishment, rather than putting petty criminals away for life at taxpayers expense?

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  1. Paul says:

    Please use a black on black theme for your next site navigation, I like squinting.

  2. Dave says:

    Thank you for your support. I will get to that right after I finish organizing my socks.

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