This is a Slashdotting

Well, kids, I can die now. My blog has been Slashdotted. That’s right, the Blogger SAT Challenge was linked by Slashdot last night, resulting in a massive flow of visits to not only the Challenge, but also to my analysis on Cognitive Daily. Here’s what it looked like as of about 10:30 last night:

The first part of the day, mind you, was looking pretty good. The slight rise in traffic around 5 and 6 p.m. would have been huge on any other day; that was due to a link from Kottke. All that becomes statistical noise next to the gigantic slashdot effect. Even the hits from the wee hours this morning have dwarfed the traffic of a normal day:

Not that I’m complaining, but this wasn’t even an ideal Slashdotting. Most of the traffic went to the Challenge page itself, which isn’t included in these stats. Some of it went to Chad Orzel’s analysis of the same results. But it really is a headrush to see your hard work get noticed.


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