Jane Galt has a series of questions for her readers. I thought I’d answer them here:

1) Why do you read blogs?

To waste time, to get inspiration, to get a different perspective on the news, to connect with my friends, to learn things, and, most importantly, schadenfreude.

2) Why do you read economics blogs, specifically?

Because I’m interested in economics, but I don’t like reading long economic tomes.

3) What are your favourite economics blogs?

Asymmetrical Information, Brad DeLong, and MaxSpeak.

4) Even more specifically, why do you read this blog?

Hmmm… Good writing, knowing what the enemy’s up to.

5) What are your favourite blog features?

Trackback would be cool if the spammers hadn’t destroyed it. Technorati is a semi-adequate replacement. Commenting is very important and is probably my favorite feature. What other features are there?

6) What aspects of blogging annoy/repel you?

Spam. The herd mentality. The lack of original information. But mostly I really like it. I’m frankly obsessed with it.

7) What would you like to see more of on economics blogs in general, and specifically on this one?

A real interaction between blog authors and their readers. As a blogger, I know how hard that can be to achieve — but if it’s well-done, it can be the difference between ordinary blogging and extraordinary blogging. Alas, a Blog is one that gets this right.

8) Are there things that aren’t currently found on economics blogs that you would like to see?

Original reporting, rather than just commentary on the issues. Again, this is a lot like work, so I can understand why we don’t see more of it.

9) If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be? This is our demographic control question.

I don’t have an answer for that one, but it did make me think of another answer for question 8: a better sense of humor.

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