Not-so-rainy Puerto Rico

Our last day in Puerto Rico turned better than we thought. It was cloudy, but the rain stopped in the morning and didn’t really return. One of the great things about the resort we chose is that it backs up on a tropical dry forest. It’s a relatively rare type of ecosystem, so it was fascinating to see what wildlife was there.

Here are a couple of crabs:

As you can see from this close up, the one on the right apparently had just gone out for a smoke:

I also got a neat picture of a bird pecking along the shoreline. I was surprised it let me get this close:

One thing I was surprised to see in abundance here was cactuses. I suppose there are other places in the world where cactuses grow right on the waterfront, but it was the first time I’d seen it:

As the day warmed, Jim and Nora cooled to the idea of taking a walk. Apparently a week’s worth of lounging by the pool and getting unlimited computer/TV access had made them soft. But isn’t that a neat cactus next to them?

Greta, like me, was fascinated by the cactuses:

The kids just wanted to head back to the plush resort. Near the end of the walk, we took mercy on them and let them sit and wait for us to explore the coastline. In this picture, you can just barely see them as a blur in the upper right hand corner:

This is the best family portrait I managed to get this trip, by perching the camera on very hot rocks. I really need to get a tripod!

And that’s it for Munger family vacations for summer 2006. Nora and I will be taking a hike in the North Cascades next week, and I may be posting on that, but otherwise, we’ll be returning to your regularly scheduled Word Munger.

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  1. cp says:

    those are some neat shots – i love the one of the bird along the shore – the sea behind has some great shots. it reminds me of my homeplace in ireland – all the best

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