Being sick sucks…

I’ve got a whopper of a cold… and it’s 91 degrees outside. I was pretty amped up yesterday on Sudafed and got a ton of work done. But I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night, so I think I’m not going to do the whole Sudafed thing today.

In lieu of actual work, please accept this rambling summary of the offerings off the TiVo during the past 24 hours.

First, why the eff do Colbert and Stewart have to go on vacation for the same freakin two weeks? When they’re both on, it’s like satire overload, and then they both cut out of town, and we’re left with freakin reruns.

In fact, pretty much all original programming has been dropped from TV now that May sweeps are over. Don’t the advertisers get it? If the networks use just one month to base what you’re going to pay them for a whole year, you can be pretty much assured that programming for the rest of the year is going to suck. (An aside: during my Sudafed high yesterday I did manage to write a rather more coherent post about whether sex and violence sell over on CogDaily. Thank the FSM for scheduled posts!)

A couple weeks ago I did manage to TiVo the original 1972 version of The Poseidon Adventure, which somehow I’d never managed to watch during its seemingly incessant 1980s spree on TV reruns. Last night as the Sudafed wore off, I watched it. It’s actually a pretty good movie, if you can get over the creepy religious symbolism. They do attempt to keep the God-references on a rather generic level (and given that Gene Hackman is playing the priest/Messiah figure, you can bet it’s at least a little tongue-in-cheek). There is a wonderful scene that makes a fabulous allusion to the River Styx, and all the cute girls have to strip down to their underwear, so it’s definitely not too high and mighty.

You do sort of wonder why people trying to escape a sinking ship have time to make sappy romantic speeches every thirty seconds or so, but still, it’s really quite amusing.

And it’s most refreshing not to have to sit through neverending multimillion-dollar special effects sequences (yes, Peter Jackson, I’m talking about you and your 15-minute brontosaurus landslide and your 20-minute T-Rex trapeze act).

Speaking of CGI, today I finally got to see the Chronicles of Narnia (as opposed to the Chronic-what-cals of Narnia). Greta and the kids had rented it over the weekend, but I was busy catching a cold, so I didn’t watch it until this morning. Not a bad flick, with even more obvious god-references than in Poseidon. Aslan definitely cuts a better Messiah figure than Gene Hackman, though. Maybe they could CGI that smirk off Hackman’s face.

Anyway, I think that’s about all the rambling I can handle this afternoon. I may need to save my strength for an afternoon trip to the drug store for a gross of Puffs Plus.

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2 Responses to Being sick sucks…

  1. Michele says:

    Summer colds are awful. You have my sympathy! I thought that they did a pretty good job with the Narnia movie.
    Weird to have so many battle scenes without blood, though.

  2. dave says:

    Thanks, Michele. I’m feeling quite a bit better today, after a relatively solid 8 hours of sleep. What a rambling post! I’m not sure I could have managed to use the word “manage” any more if I tried.

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