Get ready for the Munger Potato Fest

14 years ago, Greta and I decided to visit the town of Munger, Michigan, along with 8-month-old Jimmy. It wasn’t much more than a few houses on the side of the road, but it’s cool to have a road sign named after you:

Yes, that’s me, without the beard. Jim is approximately 1/8 his current size. Unfortunately, we missed the Munger Potato fest by a few days.

Jon’s bar was closed that day (I think it was a Sunday), so we couldn’t even get T-shirts.

However, it turns out the Munger Potato Fest is alive and well, 14 years later! They even have a web site! Unfortunately, we won’t be able to make the Potato Fest this year, but it’s neat to see that it’s still going on — and possibly a bigger event than it was back in 1992.

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2 Responses to Get ready for the Munger Potato Fest

  1. Matt says:


    I grew up (and still live) reasonably close to Munger. It still looks exactly like your pictures, so you can easily visit it in your mind. The Potato Fest is a popular drinking destination around here– Who doesn’t love a beer tent out in the middle of nowhere?

  2. dave says:

    Very cool! If you make it out there, drink a tall one (and eat some spuds) for me.

    Also, Jim saw the post today and noted “it’s almost ironic … I hate potatoes.”

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