Could Fox really swing to Hillary’s side?

I’m a little surprised the Murdoch – Hillary lovefest hasn’t gotten more press.

How can Fox, that bastion of the Republican army, actually switch sides? Wouldn’t its viewers, you know, notice?

Maybe making overtures to Hillary is just Murdoch’s way of firing a warning shot to the right, pointing out that the guy who helped put them on top can also help sink them. But maybe Murdoch sees the wind starting to shift and wants to have his sails in full trim when it finally does.

A more interesting question is this: would the Fox faithful continue to watch if the Fox propaganda machine starts hyping the “bad guys”? Could the Fox pundits just claim “hey, we’re being fair and balanced — since Bush isn’t getting the job done, we’re letting you know first.”

After all, you could claim to be “conservative” and still support Hillary. She voted for the Iraq war, she’s argued in favor of deficit reduction, and she tends to be very pro-business. Heck, you could even argue that national health care is pro-business, since then businesses wouldn’t be saddled with spiraling health care costs.

If Murdoch does switch sides, what will be the most fun is watching all those Fox pundits scrambling to keep their jobs. And, of course, the biggest question would then be, WWCD: What Will Colbert Do?

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