New office woes

I’m just about moved in to my new upstairs office. I’ve decided to admit that I need more than a kitchen counter to organize all my work-related stuff. Maybe sometime soon I’ll actually organize the stack, but for now I’m just busy installing the new iMac and getting used to the new space.

Here are the annoying hiccoughs in the process so far:

  • My desk is facing the window (which is great), but the afternoon sun is directly in my face. I’ll probably need to get a separate computer table which will face sideways. Which brings my to my next annoyance –
  • My USB cable is only 6 feet long, which is fine now, but when I move the computer to the new desk, won’t be. Which reminds me –
  • Why is it that no printer on the planet comes with a goddamned USB cable? Here I’ve gone to the trouble of ordering a cable from cables R us, or whatever, only to realize it’s too short. And another thing –
  • What’s with these installer programs taking over your computer? My new printer installs 16,000 applications on my computer, 15,999 of which I’ll never need. Each requires a separate dialog to indicate I accept the licensing agreement. Worse, all these installs run in the foreground, as if I need to watch the little progress bar indicate exactly how much time I’m wasting.
  • Also, it’s rather warm up here. I think I’m going to have to install a ceiling fan. And maybe adjust the A/C to divert a little air this way.
  • But I do like my new chair. It’s got the looks of an Aeron, with none of the high-quality ergonomic features. It does at least allow me to adjust the forward tilt on my seat, but I’d like a wee bit more lumbar support.
  • Even though my favorite game (MS Links) doesn’t work on my new computer, I’ve managed to find plenty of ways to waste time.
  • Tiger is a cool operating system. However, I have yet to use the feature I thought would be the coolest: Spotlight. I already know where my documents are — I really don’t need to search for them. But someday it may come in handy. OTOH, Dashboard is really quite useful. I haven’t installed many widgets, but just having a quick desk calendar and weather forecast is surprisingly useful.

I have several more annoyances, but I’ve run out of time for the moment. I’ll finish this on Monday!

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3 Responses to New office woes

  1. You might think about a Wifi network; the Airport Express from Apple has a port for a USB printer. You plug your Ethernet cable for Internet access into the Airport, and the USB cable for your printer into the Express, and then your’re Wireless, for the Net and the USB printer. This assumes that you’ve got Wifi in your Mac, but that’s pretty much a given with the current ones.

    Bonus: There’s a port in the Airport Express for your Stereo receiver; you can stream music from your Mac through your stereo.

  2. dave says:

    Oh, I’m all over that, Lisa! I’ve actually got three airport base stations — one standard, two express. I’ve got wireless music to the kitchen and living room, and wireless printing from all over the house. Problem is, my old printer is downstairs, and I’d like to keep it there, for convenience. But I still want a printer in the office. So I went ahead and added the new printer upstairs. And even if I did do the wireless printing thing up there, I’d still have to buy the lousy USB cable to connect it to the Airport. I’m such a techno-geek!

    In fact, I’m such a techno-geek that I’m actually tempted to buy a $120 Airport Express in order to avoid buying a $10 12-foot USB cable.

  3. Well . . . why not? Think of how much more useful an extra Express would be! Why, you could have one to travel with–have you done that? Since they store settings, you can just reconfigure it to load the previous settings when you get home.

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