Do you hate my blog’s design more than I hate designing blogs?

I’ve never been especially happy with Word Munger’s design, but now that I have a new iMac and see how particularly bad it looks on a nice bright screen in Safari, I’ve started to think about a redesign. Problem is, I hate designing blogs. I don’t want to just have a cookie-cutter design, so it’d be real work for me to change. So I thought I’d put it out to the readers. If I get 20 unique comments asking for a redesign, I’ll do it (eventually). Otherwise, I’ll stick with the status quo.

So, readers, let me know what you think. Is Word Munger looking so vile that Dave needs to get off his design-hating butt and do something about it, or are you able to avert your eyes from its obvious deficiencies?

Update: On further thought, if I really get 20 requests to redesign, I can commit to a date. How’s May 31 sound?

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2 Responses to Do you hate my blog’s design more than I hate designing blogs?

  1. I wouldn’t bother to invest much time changing the design.

    Are the most visited blogs heavily trafficked primarily because of their design, or because of their content?

    In Michael Ciment’s book on Stanley Kubrick, there’s an interview wherein Kubrick answers a question about elaborate title design. Kubrick says it doesn’t matter.

  2. dave says:

    I think you’re right, Peter. There certainly isn’t exactly a clamor for redesign here, is there?

    (Listens for echo)

    Oh, and that’s a great Kubrick story!

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