Random Tracks

Here’s a meme:

Ten random tracks from iTunes, with commentary:

1. My Lord and Master, from the King and I, 1992 Broadway cast, performed by Lea Salonga. Okay, I didn’t buy this CD, but I do like the musical. Nice little song.

2. Come Back Baby, by Ray Charles. Now we’re talking! Great track. I think we bought this CD because of the movie

3. Menuet 1, from the Brandenburg Concertos, performed by Trevor Pinnock and the English Concert. I usually find Bach too distracting to work to, but this one is mellow enough that it can be decent background music

4. Spain, by Bobby McFerrin and Chick Corea, from Play. A lot of Bobby McFerrin’s stuff now seems quite dated, but this album actually holds up. A nice song.

5. Fascinating Rhythm, from the Lady Be Good soundtrack (don’t know which version), performed by John Pizzarelli. This is a great arrangement with just a guitar accompaniment. Eventually the whole orchestra comes in, but the beginning is especially good. Very nice!

6. Galliard Battaglia (Scheidt), performed by the Canadian Brass. I like the Canadian Brass. Everyone should have at least one Canadian Brass album.

7. Prelude No. 1, performed by Jascha Heifetz, from The Decca Masters, vol. 1. I don’t know if this is Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Debussy, or Brahms, but it’s very nice.

8. Home for the Holidays, by Rockapella, from their Comfort and Joy Christmas Album. Their Christmas album is nice, but their best song by far is “Capitals,” from Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. All the state capitals, in random order, except for Pierre, SD.

9. Ending, by Marilyn Crispell, from the Nothing Ever Was Anyway album. Hmmm…. we have this song? Strange, contemporary jazz. Clearly not a favorite

10. She’s Saving Me, by the Indigo Girls. Greta is the Indigo Girls fan. I like some of their stuff, but this particular song isn’t ringing any bells. Clearly I don’t listen to music enough.

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