My copyediting experience

I, like Anne, just finished going over a copyedited manuscript. Unlike Anne, it didn’t take me six weeks, and I think the copyeditor did a fairly decent job. Either that or I’m just a worse copyeditor than my copyeditor. Also, I’m certain my book is much shorter, and much simpler than Anne’s.

Also unlike Anne, I don’t think Michael Bérubé will comment on my blog, pampered superstar that he is isn’t. (Yes, Michael, you may consider that a challenge!)

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5 Responses to My copyediting experience

  1. And just this morning, I made sure that my ms. spells Owen Gleiberman’s name correctly. Well, that’s not exactly true — I have a team of graduate students checking the spelling of proper names, and another team of research assistants on punctuation detail. That’s what being pampered is all about!

  2. I think the copyeditor did a fairly decent job.

  3. dave says:

    Well, done “Michael,” if that’s indeed who you really are. You’ve certainly done an impressive job duplicating the professor’s style. I’m convinced you’re actually a spambot residing in a mid-sized Chinese Internet cafe. The real Michael Bérubé would never have omitted the accents above the e’s.

    木地板, on the other hand, brings up a remarkable and cogent point. Such insight is rarely seen on this blog. I’m strangely tempted to link to your web site over and over again.

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  5. dave says:

    Oh, nice try, “Michael,” but you’ll never succeed in imitating 木地板’s subtle, minimalist style.

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