Okay, this one’s been going around, so let’s give it a shot

100 things about me:

1. I am six feet, two inches tall
2. I’m rather tired just now
3. The only jewelry I wear is a wedding ring and a plastic watch
4. My glasses are made by Gucci, though
5. I once cut off the tip of my finger in a vegetable slicer
6. It’s still missing — about a quarter inch shorter than the same finger on the other hand
7. I have black, receding hair
8. I run 2.8 miles a day and round it up to 3
9. I don’t like to wear clothes that match my wife’s
10. Or my son’s
11. I lost a toenail skiing last year
12. It took nearly a year to grow back
13. I like coffee
14. But I don’t like lattes
15. Most days, I need chocolate in order to write
16. But at least I don’t smoke
17. When I order coffee, I ask for “no room for cream”
18. But I still use cream
19. But at least I don’t dump half my cup in the trash, like all the other nimrods in North Carolina
20. Did I mention I live in North Carolina?
21. I didn’t know until a few days ago that “scumbag” is a vulgarity meaning “used condom”
22. I like to drive cars until they die, rather than trading up for a new one every three years
23. Thus, I’ve only ever owned three cars
24. Even though I’m 39
25. I have a beard because I’m too lazy to shave
26. And it conceals my double chin
27. In five years, I’ll be an empty nester
28. I hate the term “empty nester”
29. My house has 3,000 square feet
30. I have an office I never use
31. I usually work in the kitchen
32. But right now, I’m in the living room
33. At least we use our living room
34. And our dining room
35. We rarely eat dinner in the kitchen
36. I’m obsessed with my lawn
37. I have an automatic sprinkler system
38. I feel guilty about it
39. But I’m a member of the Sierra Club
40. I never go to the meetings, though
41. And I think their magazine is boring
42. I’m not a collector
43. But I think I have nearly every book I’ve read
44. I don’t like used books
45. But I keep the crappy old paperbacks I read in college
46. I can’t even bring myself to get rid of books that I’ve never read and have no intention of reading
47. I’m the same with computers
48. Though I do believe I’ve actually used every computer I own
49. I also like to wear clothes until they’re threadbare
50. Finally! I’m halfway finished!
51. That’s the last comment I’m going to make about the process of making this list
52. I have a weight machine I never use
53. Every once in a while I use it just to prove it wasn’t a waste of money
54. But it was
55. I’m the one who does the laundry
56. And the dishes
57. And most of the cooking
58. But I make much less money than my wife
59. However, she is much more likely to make the bed
60. In fact, if I wasn’t married, I would never make the bed
61. I don’t dust
62. Our house is very dusty
63. I have a hard time throwing away old magazines
64. Surely I’ll get around to reading them at some point
65. I even keep my college alumni magazine
66. But not the one from grad school
67. I don’t, however, keep old magazines in binders or those cardboard magazine sorters from Staples
68. I like my water with ice
69. I don’t like iced coffee
70. Or tea
71. But Coke is much better with ice
72. Diet Coke, that is
73. Even when it starts out cold
74. And it’s best out of the fountain
75. People who ask for Coke with no ice creep me out
76. I actually catch myself doing that Southern thing of calling all soft drinks “Coke”
77. Even though I grew up saying “pop”
78. I don’t like bottled water
79. But I still buy it sometimes
80. People who buy it for their toddlers creep me out
81. As do people who order water in restaurants just to save money
82. Don’t they realize restaurants overcharge for everything, not just drinks?
83. Even if I really just want water, I won’t order bottled water in a restaurant
84. I’ll order tapwater and some other drink
85. My guilty pleasure (the one I’m willing to tell about, anyway) is posting on Macrumors.com
86. I have over 3,000 posts
87. Yes, all about macs
88. I butter my bread all the way out to the edge
89. This drives Greta crazy
90. I have an iPod but hardly ever listen to it
91. I rarely carry my cell phone
92. But I still keep up on all the latest tech-trends
93. I’m an atheist
94. But I still get along with religious people
95. I even married one
96. I have a large gap between my front teeth
97. And freckles
98. I was a paperboy when I was a kid
99. I think it’s sad that they don’t let kids deliver the paper anymore
100. I like poppy bagels

Whew! I won’t tag anyone, but you should definitely give that a try. 100 is a lot of things!

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4 Responses to Okay, this one’s been going around, so let’s give it a shot

  1. Jas says:

    I have to assume from the fact that you grew up saying “pop” much like I did, that you’re not native to NC.

    Can I just add that, if anyone were to ever offer me a “Coke” and then, upon my acceptance, they listed anything other than Classic Coca-Cola, I think I’d have to throttle them. :)

  2. dave says:

    Yep, I grew up in Seattle, where “pop” reigns supreme. Have you ever seen the famous map of pop versus soda preferences? Fascinating stuff!

  3. Anne says:

    I must say, well done! These usually make me very tired to read but yours has great pace and is very funny.

    Glad, too, that the copyediting went so well….

    6’2″. Geez! You are TALLER than I remembered.

    Long live pop–I word I haven’t used in years.

  4. Jas says:

    Yes, I well remember “pop” having grown up in Salem, Oregon. I even remember The Pop Shoppe – I loved trips there to pick up cases of random flavored pop.

    The map is significantly improved since I saw it last. And bloody frightening, as well. Though I’m not sure why I feel so strongly about it – it’s not like I ever ask someone to pass the facial tissue or plastic first-aid strips, defaulting to Kleenex and Band-Aids instead.

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