Stupidity tax starts today in NC

As of today, stupid North Carolinians no longer have to make the long trek to South Carolina to pay their stupidity tax. There’s even a stupidity tax payment center right here in the fancy-schmancy college town of Davidson. Some have questioned whether one payment center will be enough: after all, even Davidson now has a population of 8,100; the laws of probability dictate an awful lot of them are bound to be stupid. But on the other hand, stupid people tend to not to do so well in assessing the laws of probability.

One way to increase the appeal of the stupidity tax is to con stupid people into believing that the proceeds of the tax will go towards education. As if. Do you really think the government would be stupid enough to erode its ever-growing tax base?

So, if you’re a stupid North Carolinian, get out there and do your patriotic duty!

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