The top three living humans listed in a Google search for Munger live in North Carolina. And two of us are writers. Who’d a thunk it? Number one, however, is a district of India.

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5 Responses to Fract

  1. coturnix says:

    And all three are bloggers! You and Greta on Cognitive Daily and Mike Munger on Mungovit’s End.

  2. dave says:

    Actually, Greta isn’t in the top 3 Mungers. Katy Munger lives in Durham and is a young-adult fiction writer who doesn’t appear to have a blog.

  3. coturnix says:

    Well, she should start one right away!

  4. Doug Hoffman says:

    Top “Hoffman” on the list, even above Dustin and Philip Seymour, is one Michael A. Hoffman, a conspiracy theorist, revisionist historian, and as best I can tell, antisemitic white supremacist:

    “Your source for suppressed information on Judaism’s strange gods, secret societies and psychological warfare and radical history.”

    Two minutes looking at his website, and I already want to google bomb the guy.

  5. coturnix says:

    Googling “Zivkovic” brings first a guy who is selling fencing equipment (after retiring from a long career in competitive fencing and coaching), the second is a composer/percussionist living in Germany, the third is Zoran Zivkovic a literary theorist – the first person to get a PhD in science fiction in Yugoslavia, and the fourth is my blog. Fifth is a musician and the sixth is a painter.

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