Another thing about Flight 93

There’s no doubt that Flight 93 is a schlocky melodrama, but it’s good schlocky melodrama, and that’s an important point.

Another point in its favor, mentioned in the Reuters review, is the use of relatively unknown, ordinary-looking actors. This helps humanize the drama, and show that it was just regular folks who defeated these terrorists.

Their success means we’ll never have to fear this sort of attack again, because everyone knows that steadfast passengers, knowing they’ll die anyway, will do everything in their power to take out a hijacker. We’ve also since made some reasonable modifications to airplane design — stronger cockpit doors being the most important — and airport security has been tightened (arguably more than is necessary).

So President Bush, you can stop talking about how “September 11 changed everything.” Thanks to the passengers on Flight 93, we can stop thinking with one-track minds, and start to work on some of our other problems.

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