Technorati “Explore”

Technorati has a new feature: Explore. I wouldn’t have noticed it, except apparently someone used it to find Cognitive Daily. Just this moment, a Cognitive Daily post tops the list.

It’s different from tags, because (I think) instead of looking at the tags for individual posts, it looks at tags that users have configured describing their entire blog. Since CogDaily is tagged as “science,” and a couple people have linked to that post (and, I’m guessing, also because few other science blogs have bothered to so configure themselves), we get our moment of “fame.” Except that up until now, no one knew about the “Explore” feature.

I tried doing an Explore for literature and didn’t find much, again because I suspect few litblogs actually know about this feature.

Technorati must be doing at least some automated tagging, because I only tagged Cognitive Daily after I noticed we were listed in the Explore search. But litbloggers (and others) who want to get noticed might try tagging their blogs (you have to claim your blog first) and see what pops up.

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