Touring the Technorati Top 100

I noticed a feature on Technorati today — can’t say whether it’s actually new or just new to me — the Top 100.

Taking a long look at this list can be depressing — Kos has 50,000 links? For those of you keeping track at home, that’s exactly 403.7 times more than li’l ol’ Word Munger. Thankfully, I’m cool enough to recognize the top 7 (though the only one I read regularly is BoingBoing). Number 8 I’d never heard of — some kind of blog design site. Boring. Number 9 is a lefty blog I’d also never heard of. From what I can see, for good reason. Number 10 is a foreign MSN Space. Hmmm…. I have no idea what it says, but several of the Top 100 seem similar to this one.

Moving on … Number 13 is the first pure personal blog on the list, an attractive woman who appears to have made a career out of getting fired for keeping a blog.

Number 19 is Think Progress. Maybe I’ve wandered here before, but I don’t think so. This is nicely done — the first top-100 blog that I might consider adding to my blogroll. Good stuff.

Kottke and Fark are shockingly low at 23 and 24. Number 25 is Gawker, which I’ve seen linked but never actually visited. Now I know why. Wonkette is still number 29 without the real Wonkette.

Number 38 is just god-awful. Something is wrong with the world when this reaches 38. That and Number 40 are enough to make me stop this ridiculous venture. No wonder bloggers have such a lousy reputation.

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5 Responses to Touring the Technorati Top 100

  1. coturnix says:

    Yup Top 100 has been around for a while. I pretty ridicuolous compilation, You are right about xiuxiue, gawker and others. Crooks and Liars is popular because they provide video and audio files of a lot of cable news interviews, speeches, etc. which other bloggers can take and re-post or transcribe. It is considered a valuable collection (and they are also very fast) of such material, for instance when a politician says something really stupid on TV or flip-flops on an issue.

  2. Bud Parr says:

    I went through this same exercise not long ago. It is amazing, isn’t it, how bad sites can be, yet become so popular? New media, old rules apply. Dooce (13), by the way, is one my wife likes. She has kind of a sedaris-cross-mommy thing going, but the poop jokes get stale pretty quickly. New media, old rules apply.

    But, unlike you, none of these sites can claim to be a member of MetaxuCafe!

  3. Doug Hoffman says:

    Yippee! Only another 2280-something site-links to go before I make it into the top 100.

    My cringer on that list — Michelle Malkin. *shiver*

  4. dave says:

    Doug — given the looks of that list, I’m not sure you *want* to be there. Though you (or Bud or Coturnix) would definitely be an improvement!

  5. Anne says:

    Wow. The other interesting thing about #40 is that it’s a pretty dull blogger template. That gives me some weird hope: it doesn’t take hours of learning WordPress or TypePad to crack the top 100.

    On the other hand, the chances of my printing flirty pictures of myself clubbing with friends are exactly zero, so I expect to be down with the lowly & seldom-linked to for good. That’ll be me, muttering about “fit audience though few” over in a dark corner of the blogosphere….

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