Conservative or liberal?

If it’s not immediately obvious from the prose, the “best” way to discern the political leanings of a blog is to take a look at the comments section. If there aren’t a lot of comments, you tend to go to the blogroll, which can be informative. However, many bloggers include the “other side” in their blogrolls so they can quickly and easily decide who to fisk.

I’ve employed neither of these strategies with my blogroll (the “links” over to the left), preferring simply to highlight the sites I like to read. I’ve been a little surprised, sometimes, when I find that a blog I like appears to hold the “opposite” view from me. There’s the raving liberal, nearly conspiracy theorist John Shirley, the almost conservative John Scalzi, the boldly moderate Matt Welch, and my two newest additions, Looka! (liberal gourmand?), and Critical Mass (oppressed neocon?).

Whenever I add a link to the list, I let the site author know about it. Usually I get a brief note (“I’m flattered, yadda yadda”) and that’s the last I hear from them. I wonder if they take one look at my blogroll, find a few offensive links, and run screaming for cover. The point of Wordmunger isn’t to support a political agenda, conservative or liberal. It’s to explore the morass of “civilization,” to discover its quirks, to add my own idiosyncrasies to the mix. I *like* the fact that I can’t be pigeonholed. If someone runs screaming because I link to Matt Welch, and someone else flees in panic when they see the John Shirley link, then, as Ronald Reagan might say, “well [insert rakish smile], I guess I’ve done my job, then.”

Fade to black.

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  1. Matt Welch says:

    Thanks, Munger! I think!

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