“Podcast” of “Small Journeys” (continued) (finally!)

I know, I know, it’s taken me forever to make the podcast of Chapter 1 of Small Journeys. I had promised three chapters (plus the Prologue) at a rate of a chapter a week, but here it is, over a month later, and I’m just getting to the second installment.

I have excuses — lots of 'em. It was Christmas. And my microphone broke. I couldn’t find a good replacement mic. The kids were out of school. You try to make a podcast with your whole family rattling around the house.

But the real reason was this: I can’t do voices. Just can’t. I can pitch my voice at different levels, but I certainly can’t make it convincing. Sure, with a lot of acting training, I might be able to make a crude improvement, but I’m never going to be much of a vocal performer. Finally I decided that I’d simply do my best, and my best would have to do. I’ve tried to make some effort at the voices, but it’s still difficult to tell the difference between David’s voice and that of the narrator, or of Luke. Claire’s voice at least sounds different from everyone else — most of the time — but it’s still not a very convincing third-grade girl.

So, if you can stand my bad impersonations, you might enjoy this chapter. If not, I’m afraid things aren’t going to get much better. As always, I’d love to hear your suggestions. In case you missed my original post about the Podcast project, it’s here.

For your benefit, I’ve included links to both the Prologue and this week’s installment, Chapter 1.

Small Journeys, Prologue
Small Journeys, Chapter 1: September, 1975

As always, to listen in your browser, just click on the link. If you want to download to your iPod or similar device, you’ll need to right-click or ctrl-click.

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