The wussification of America

Let me get this straight:

The Democrats are being seen as wusses because they’re criticizing Republicans for spying on Americans without search warrants. Apparently we’re all now so wussified that violating the fourth amendment is “strong” and criticizing this intrusion on liberty is wussy. We’re such wusses that we’ll readily surrender freedoms our ancestors fought and died for in order to slightly diminish our astoundingly low chance of getting hit by a terrorist attack. And we’ll call anyone who dares to condemn this intrusion on freedom a wuss.

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2 Responses to The wussification of America

  1. Doug Hoffman says:

    Seems to me, the wussies are the ones who want to forfeit their most valued freedoms because of fear of what might happen.

  2. Scott says:

    Dave, perhaps you are forgetting the words of Patrick Henry, a who was not only a
    true patriot, but also a true man. I’m a little fuzzy on the exact quote, but I believe
    it went something like “Give me liberty or, if there’s some vague chance there
    might be a terrorist attack somewhere on Earth during my lifetime, for God’s sake
    please do whatever’s necessary to make it stop, including spying on me taking a shit and fucking
    Mrs. Henry if you want because I’m really, really afraid of all the terrists and
    after all, what’s a little liberty when there’s the off chance that there might be a
    bombing somewhere, and, after all, it’s not like I stand a better chance of dying every day
    when I drive to work and everyone considers that a perfectly normal part of everyday
    life, not to mention secondhand smoke and, heck, we don’t even have health care in this
    country, so we can’t really be all that concerned for our health, can we?”

    Kinda reminds you of what’s important, doesn’t it?

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