Every year we Mungers think about writing a Christmas letter, and every year we put it off so long that it just never happens. But this year it occurred to me that I actually have already written a Christmas letter — I’ve documented our lives here in Word Munger, only peppered in with my rants about politics, technology, and the future of the book. So this Christmas, there will be a Munger Christmas letter, right here at Word Munger, where I link to some of the best personal posts of the year. Here goes!

Dearest friends and family:

Let me start by offering our warmest wishes for Christmas and the New Year. It’s been a great year for the Mungers, and we hope it’s been one for you and yours. And here’s a picture of the whole family, which I’m including for your personal enjoyment even though I look fat in it.

This is the year that Dave and Greta began their career as professional bloggers, with the blog Cognitive Daily. Cognitive Daily has been more successful than even Dave could have imagined (and he can imagine a lot!), with over a quarter million visits in less than nine months. Bigger news for Cognitive Daily is coming — it’s top-secret for now, but it will be revealed sometime in the next couple of weeks!

Greta, being less willing than Dave to devote her entire career to an unproven new technology, has kept her “day job” as a professor at Davidson College.

Jim and Nora are in 8th and 7th grade at Cannon School, where Nora plays bassoon and Jim plays trombone. Here’s a link to Dave’s semi-substantive post about their recent Holiday Concert.

What else did we do all year? A lot.

In February, Dave and Jim played 24 hours of video games — and blogged about it.

In March, Dave and Nora went skiing, and blogged about it.

In April, Word Munger celebrated its first birthday.

In May, Nora was in rehearsal for the Music Man, and we went to Atlanta.

In July, the serious vacationing started. First it was a hike in the Smokeys with Nora. Next, we headed off to the southwest US.

In August, the vacationing continued in earnest. That last hike in Kings Canyon inspired Dave to write this little essay, The social aspects of taking a dump in the woods.

In September, Dave went to his 20th High School reunion. While in Seattle, he went on a plane flight with his newly-licensed pilot dad.

In October, Dave and Nora made an “interesting” coin find.

In November, we had a nice, intimate Thanksgiving with friends, and opened a bottle of Dom Pérignon.

In December, we had a nice ice storm, and we’re looking forward to a wonderful Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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