Nazi treasure?

My daughter found a coin in the change bin of our car.

“Dad, what’s this?” she asked as we drove down the highway.

I took it from her and glanced at it quickly, trying to keep my eyes on the road. It was about the size of a penny, but I could make out the letters D — E — U — T — S — C — H. “I think it’s German. How did that get in here?”

Nora took it back from me. “Let me see. It says '1940'.”

But that would be …

“… and it’s got a swastika on it!”

… it couldn’t be. How could it? I needed to get a closer look at it, and I had my chance at a red light a few minutes later. Sure enough, there was the familiar German eagle, perched regally above a little swastika. On the back it said “5 Reichspfennig.” How did that get in my car? I mean, it is a Volkswagen, but somehow I don’t think Nazi coins are part of the standard options package.

Generally I only ever put anything in the change bin when I went through a drive-through of some sort. Could I have gotten it in change at the Taco Bell? Could someone have mistaken it for a U.S. penny? Here’s what it looks like:

When we got home, we looked the thing up on the Internet. Turns out 5 Reichspfennig Nazi coins are a dime a dozen. Well, actually more like $8 for 10, but you get the idea.

I still have no idea how this thing got into my car. I feel like I should save it or something, but on the other hand I don’t really want it. Anyone got any creative ideas for disposal of an offensive bit of WWII memorabilia?

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One Response to Nazi treasure?

  1. Doug Hoffman says:

    Freaky story. What do you do with such a thing? Anyone willing to buy it is probably someone you don’t want to know.

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