Do NOT let my son know about this guy

It is not possible to make a living playing video games. Say it loud enough and it will be true.

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4 Responses to Do NOT let my son know about this guy

  1. Patsik says:

    Since when is a BMW called a Bimmer?
    The appropriate nickname is “Beamer.”

  2. dave says:

    I have to agree with you there. Clearly this shoddy reporting invalidates the entire article. I hope.

  3. Brent says:

    CS is a strategy shooting spectacle, a warfare game that pits terrorists (T) against counter-terrorists (CT) in rounds of intense gunplay. Your mission is to “frag,” meaning to kill off, as many enemies as you can.

    Sadly, they did not do their research about this. In the game, T’s plant the bomb at their choice of two bomb sites while CT’s defend the bomb sites, and if planted, try to defuse it. Killing happens when the opposing players face off.

  4. gordsellar says:

    Ha, in Korea there’s a TV channel devoted to televising the exploits of Professional Gamers. I think a Uni I used to work at even launched a “Computer Games” major, or was planning to at some point.

    Lots of students, when discussing desirable careers, mention “Pro Gamer” as one of the ones they’d love to get into.

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