I want this, but for blogs

Okay, this site is super cool: Library Thing. You enter in your book collection, then you can see who out there has the same books as you. I’ve only entered 7 or 8 books, but I’ve already found several kooks who’ve read both The Pelopponesian Wars and The Faerie Queene.

Even better, since I spend a lot more time reading blogs than I do books, would be the equivalent concept but for blogs: a place where you could enter all the blogs you read, then find people who are reading similar blogs. I suppose bloglines comes close to this ideal, but it’s not quite there.

The only other problem with Library Thing is that you very quickly find out just how many people are more well-read than you are.

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One Response to I want this, but for blogs

  1. Anne says:

    I know what you mean about finding out how well read many others are. I am treating Library Thing like kryptonite. With work, family, sleep, and the ever-seductive pull of blogs, I don’t read nearly as much as I like or want to. If I caugth the cataloging bug, that would be it for me. Very cool but, as I said, kryptonite for me!

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