(Not) Writing about Katrina

Ever since August 29, every blog and his brother has been writing about Katrina. Heck, even if:book has gotten into the act, and if ever a blog has been known to stay on-topic, it’s that one.

Have I been reading about it? Hell, yeah. So why haven’t I been writing about it?

Well, most blogs have been merely recycling the news about the incompetence behind the recovery and evacuation efforts. Everyone already knows what a dick our president is, what an oaf the head of FEMA is (was), and how lousy New Orleans’ plans for dealing with the tragedy everyone already knew was coming were. We’re beginning to learn what bastards the neighboring parishes were, what a shell of its former self New Orleans will be, and how much it’s going to cost to inadequately repair the damage. I really don’t feel like I’ve got much to add to all this.

Of course, it’s possible to create an original response to all this, but somehow I was just never inspired to do so. Too much disgust, I suppose. In fact, I’ve barely been inspired to do much of anything since this whole nightmare began. On a normal day, I write my Word Munger post, a Cognitive Daily post, an article query, and a couple pages for the book I’m working on. The past couple weeks, I’ve been lucky to dribble out a post for CogDaily every couple days. I’m loathe to complain about it, because so many others clearly have much bigger problems than I do.

I’ve never really used Word Munger the way many people use their blogs — as just a way to let others know what they’re reading. Sure, there’s the obligatory link or two, but generally I find the more I’m reading blogs, the less I’m writing. If I posted a link here to everything interesting I read, I’d be posting fifteen or twenty times a day — but I’d also be duplicating the efforts of hundreds, even thousands of blogs already out there. Plus, I doubt I could ever do it as well as Jason Kottke. No, I think I’ll just stay a Word Munger. I hope you can live with that.

So that’s why I haven’t been writing about Katrina.

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